Electric Water Heater
Versatile floor or wall mount design, Capacity: 4 Gallons

New heat-pump water-heater technology offers an electric alternative that has the advantages of very high efficiency and low operating cost. It produces about three times the quantity of hot water for the same amount of electricity. We are ready to change the damaged water heater at your house.

Gas Water Heater
Efficiency of central systems is 50 percent or less

You probably don't think about your water heater until a cold shower suggests you need a new one. How to choose? Storage tanks cost less but tankless heaters save energy by only heating the water you draw. Our Company gas & electric/heat-pump models are two newer option.

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When choosing a water heater for your house, it is necessary to take into mind your members family size and hot water usage habits. Choosing a heater that’s too small for your household can lead to damaging the unit, basically wearing it out faster and requiring early replacement. On the other hand, choosing a water heater that’s too large can lead to high electricity bills, as the unit needs to work more than necessary. There are several sorts of water heaters available for your household in Palmer area like: water heaters powered by natural gas, electricity, and liquid propane gas.

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